10 Work from Home Business Ideas

10 Work from Home Business Ideas

You might be a college graduate or mom staying at home. You might be exploring work from home business ideas which are suitable for women staying at home or mom’s who are full time at home. In this article, I would elaborate about 10 work from home business ideas.

10 Work from Home Business Ideas

1) Freelance writer: When you sit at home, you would be able to manage your timings well and they would be in your control. Working as freelance writer would help you to earn money in your free time at home. If you have good writing skills, starting as a freelance writer is a good business idea. You can register at freelancer.com, freelancer.in or elance.com etc. There are several freelancer websites where companies are registering to hire freelancers. Once you register, companies would approach you with relevant bid for writing articles. 

2) Affiliate marketing: You would have heard about promoting a product through email or any other media. There are several companies like Amazon.com, Indiatimes.com where you can register yourself and become an affiliate. Once you register you would get your affiliate links. You can use this link to promote the products of these companies to your friends. If any of your friends makes a sale based on your link, you would get a commission on the sale. The commission generally depends on the product. It varies between 2% to 40% on sale value. There are several ways to make money through affiliate marketing without owning a website.

3) Babysitting: This business idea is best suitable for women staying at home for full time. This is similar to the day care center. You can take care of children of working parents during the day. In return you would get a monthly fixed amount. If you love kids, this would be one of the good work from home business ideas. Good part is you don’t need a big set-up like day care centre.

4) Teaching at home: You can teach children by sitting at home. Generally children would be weak in a particular subject. Parents may not be willing to appoint a full time home tutor. In such case they prefer sending their children to your home and get educated in that particular subject. If you love teaching, this could be a good business idea to work from home.

5)  Write for local magazines: If you love writing, you can approach local newspaper or magazines and write some articles for them regularly. You may need to struggle for a couple of months to get a reputation, but after that, it would become like a regular activity for you. You can write 3 to 5 articles in a month and earn decent money.

6) Web site designer: If you are a creative designer and know basic HTML coding, you can work as a website designer from home. Many organizations may need to design and tweak their websites, hence would appoint website designers on a part time basis who can help from home.

7) Cartoonist: If you are a good artist, you can make money by working at Cartoonist. You can send cartoons to newspapers and magazines. However some creativity is required.

8) Apps Development: If you are tech savvy, you can develop some Apps for mobile phones and make money. It would depend on number of Apps developed and based on its usage. Good coding and programming is required here.

9) Start a crafts business: If you are good at making crafts, you can work this business from home. Some creativity is required here. Searching potential buyers would be little challenge here.

10) Selling products in e-Bay: The concept of selling a product on e-Bay has become prominent these days. Though there is heavy completion on e-Bay, it is worth trying to check on how you can sell products on e-Bay. The concept is so good that you need not own any product, but you can still sell the products online to others. You can get step-by-step guide on how to sell products on eBay at this link.

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