10 Unique Small Business Ideas to start in India

10 Unique and Creative Small Business Ideas10 Best Unique Business Ideas to start in India

Whether the business is small or big, it does not make difference if you can attract the customres and get more visitors in short period of time. If you want to do out of box business by some unique and creative small business ideas, it may be risky, but worth reviewing and choosing then and you could become millionaire in short period of time. We have short listed 10 Unique business ideas to start in India which may help you.

10 Best Unique Business Ideas to start in India

1) Adventure trips: There are several travel arrangement companies, however only a few companies arrange for adventure trips. If you like travelling and adventure, you can take this initiative of starting a company which arranges only adventure trips. As an adventurous person, you can add value by exploring more adventure places and better way to plan for such trips. If you are passionate about adventures and know how you can market such business through social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter, I am sure you would succeed in business in short period of time.

2) Mobile DJ and party planner: Have you gone for a party where people spend lot of money, but there is no fun? How many times you ever cribbed thinking that why you are attending such get-togethers where you are sitting idle in a corner. If you love fun and can make people excited, you can start mobile DJ and party planner. You can help people to enjoy in the events. Your team can join as retro dancing experts as part of crowd and make the event grand success. Suparnova.com has been created with such objective and is successful.

3) Advertising company: There are several advertising companies which advertise online by using various methods like CPM (Cost per mille). Cost per lead, cost per action etc., while other companies have been growing in advertising, however Cost per Click (CPC) or Pay per click (PPC) advertising methodology is ruled by Google. Many companies tried get at least small market from Google, but were not successful. If you are creative and know how to popularize a product or service, you can start an advertising company and try to get even a small share of PPC/CPC from Google, it would create good value for your business apart from regular advertising.

4) Online Kirana or Grocery Store: How many times you would have gone to buy grocery items from the store. You would have got fed-up some times for keep visiting the store again and again. If you are creative and think you can do something different, you should start online kirana or grocery store. Currently there are a few stores offering such service. However there is huge potential in this market and till now no one has tapped this market. This is one of the unique business ideas in India.

5) Surprise Gifs: You would have seen Gifts Shoppe. Online stores also become famous in selling the gifts. But have you seen any company selling surprise gifts? This is a unique small business idea where you can sell surprise gifts for a particular segment. Bambinobox.co.au is an example of such business idea where they sell surprise gifts for expecting moms and new moms. They send monthly surprise gift box to the customers. Moms get excited to see such gift packs. This is a new and unique business ideas one can start in India.

6) Online Plumbing services: When there is a water leakage in your building, how many times you would have called a plumber? How many times you would have shouted on plumber that he has not turned up on time. Have you ever thought that if someone would provide better service, you were thinking to pay a premium price? Plumbing service is ever green service and if you can create an online plumbing service, I would surely say that it would be a successful within short period of time. Currently this market is not tapped by anyone. This is one of the unique small business ideas.

7) Online tips website on how to make your girl friend or wife happy: Sounds interesting right? There are several people who lack ideas on how to make their girl friend happy. Many married individuals do not know how they can make their wife happy. If you have a talent, you can provide such tips and make money. You can earn money through advertising and premium services. This is a creative small business idea.

8) Low cost housing company: There are several middle-class people who do not have their own house. Many of the housing companies or builders create apartments or houses and charge huge prices. The low cost residential house market is not fully tapped. If you have some experience as a contractor who can build houses at low cost, you can start this business. I feel this could be one of the killer unque business ideas in India.

9) Selling Vegetables online: Sounds as new concept right? This is a creative and unique small business idea which was started sometime back in Chennai, India. However there is huge potential in this market where people have not paid attention till now. This business would be more profitable if you can start growing your own vegetables and sell them online.

10) Low cost interior designing: Interior designing is fast growing business. However due to high cost involved, middle class people though show interest, but not able to afford. If you can create a low cost interior designing small business, there is huge potential in this business idea. I feel keeping the potential in mind, one can start this creative and unique business idea.

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Best Unique Business Ideas to start in India