Starting a Gift Basket Business is a creative business idea

Starting a Gift Basket Business is a creative business ideaStarting a Gift Basket Business is a creative business idea

If you like creativity and wanted to start small business idea, then you should explore starting a gift basket business. This business idea is a best home-based business idea which can be started with low investment.

How to start a Gift Basket Business?

1)   You should know that Gift baskets are used for birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, new baby or any other celebrations we generally celebrate.

2)   Select appropriate gift basket theme (design) which is suitable for the occasion.

3)   You should decide what goes inside the gift basket. It could be food items, dry fruits, gifts or any other treats which you can add into the gift basket. Sort all such items at one place so that they are easily accessible.

4)   Decide what you would use for gift basket. It could be gift pack or basket box. You also need to see how you can dress-up and personalize for each occasion.

5)   Look for the supply stores who can supply all the required food items, dry fruits or basket materials for low cost. Initially you need to buy small quantities to start with, but later when your business would grow, you can increase your purchase quantity. When you order bulk purchases, you would get more discounts and your cost would come down.

6)   Price your gift baskets. It includes gift box cost, food items and all other related costs associate with it. Initially don’t expect too much profit. Add only small profits initially and once your business grows, you can increase your price of the gift baskets.

7)   Use your own skills and creativity to market them. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon sites would help you to access larger consumer market. You can leave samples in the near store, schools and colleges. This is the good way to market your products.

8)   Best way to start this business is identifying your competitor products and analyzes how they are promoting their products. This would help you staring your business and you can add unique features to your products to increase sales.

9)   Online marketing and distribution of your products would help your business to grow.

What are unique things you can do to promote your gift basket business?

Gift basket for movie lovers: Have special themes of gift basket for movie lovers. You can add good large bowl of pop-corn, DVD’s and other regular gift items.

Romantic gift basket: You can add beautiful artificial flowers, special bangle items which can be used by an individual to gift it to his girl friend or wife.

College student gift basket: You can add all varieties of chocolates, candies, coffee day vouchers for the college student gift basket.

The above are only few suggestions and there are hundreds of such unique promotional ideas that can be created from Gift basket business.

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