Start-up success story: iNurture Education Solutions

Start-up success story: iNurture Educational Solutions ProviderStart-up success story: iNurture Education Solutions

Every start-up company need to start small in size and would grow depending on the success of the company. One of the start-up success stories is iNurture Education Solutions in India.

This company has been started in 2005 by Ashwin Ajila. It is not just a simple success story, but people have put-in good effort to take the company in to such top position.

How iNurture was established?

iNurture was established with the goal of building a sustainable career platform for students. Like any other start-up company, this company initially struggled for funding. First funding received from Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd, Ahmedabad and recently in this year (2013), it received second funding from Ascent Capital, Bangalore.

iNurture began its operations in 2005 offering first degree of Bachelor in Science in Animation. Currently they are offering educational solutions in 5 verticals, Creative Management, Information Technology, Mobile Application technology, Financial Services and Animation & Special effects.

What does iNurture company does?

iNurture Educational Solutions works with industry experts in education field to create graduate and under graduate courses which are custom made. Though iNurture is not a university, but they are in partnership with Government and private universities who would provide graduate certificates.  Means iNurture would act as intermediary between the students and universities.

How iNurture was successful?

It bridged the gap between universities main stream courses and industry requirements making the company successful.

What is the future of the industry they are into?

With growing demand in education in India, any move from such companies for expansion would help in growing such companies faster.

Whom have they partnered with?

iNurture partnered with 15 Universities and colleges including Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Gujarat University, Jaipur National University.

Currently they are targeting a turnover of Rs 44 Crores for financial year 2013-14.

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