Start-up success stories-Repair and go-Online market place for car repairs in UK

Start-up success stories-Repair and go-Online market place for car repairs in UKStart-up success stories-Repair and go-Online market place for car repairs in UK

Donald During started few years back. is a online market place for car repairs in UK.

What does Repair and go do?

Repair and go connect people who are in need of car repairs with local reputable mechanics who provide best work as well as best. This would save time and effort for the car owners.

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How Donald got this business idea?

Donald had a card accident while he was on his way to work place. Due to lack of online market place, he was forced to choose a car garage nearby and compromised on the quality of the services. Then the thought of starting the online car garage came in. Before that Donald was working as financial professional in finance industry for more than 10 years. Recession and economy downturn showed him a way to become successful entrepreneur.  

How is Repair and go funded?

This was started with own funding. Later he approached some of the local trusts who helped in funding.

How does the business run?

Anyone who is in need of car repair can post on for free. Mechanics can register it free on this site. They would quote all repair jobs. Once the repair jobs are confirmed by car owners, the services would be completed. Repairandgo would get commission from mechanics.

Post-a-job —> Get quotes for car repair —> Hire Garage —> Complete Service —>  Feedback

How is this industry progressing?

Currently there are 40 million vehicles registered in UK. Out of this 5% of them would keep coming for repair and maintenance every year. In India this industry is yet to kick-off. Though there are small players who do it locally, but opening such online market place for car garage in India would be a good business idea. Providing hassle free solutions with cost effectiveness would boost car garage industry.

What are the challenges faced?

Donald says there are two challenges he faced before setting up One is about funding which they solved by approaching local trusts. Second is about developing their website. He was not able to put his idea to developers and they were not able to understand the requirement. Since it is unique idea, it requires some sort of flow on how to build an application that suites their business model. It took some time to see the website is up and running with all required features. Currently they have a staff of 5 members who are working for

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Currently Repair and Go is in the expansion plans to spread their services.

Let us wish Donald During to have a successful future ahead for providing such unique services.

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