Start-up success stories – Nimble – Unique Wireless products

Start-up success stories - Nimble - Unique Wireless productsStart-up success stories – Nimble – Unique Wireless products

You have ordered products which are filled in a truck, but it was stolen on the way. How do you feel if the truck is traced with a wireless product within 1 hour?

You provide loans on electronic items like Piano. Customer does not pay installment to you. Do you get excited if such Piano stops working if a consumer does not make monthly installment payment?

The above illustrations are not dream. Such wireless products are developed and sold by Nimble a Chennai based company.

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What Nimble does?

Nimble is a wireless products company founded by Siva Sivakumar and Naveen Sabapathy in 2007. Sivakumar is a wireless expert and Naveen is a telecom product manager. Siva develops technology used to track loan repayments by consumers in US as well monitoring the health of hundreds of telecom towers in India without any human intervention. They basically create wireless products where one machine talks to another machine.

Sivakumar spent more than 20 years in US Telecom industry and returned to India in 2007 before setting up Nimble.

How did Nimble formed?

Siva along with Naveen has set-up their first venture which is handset design firm. This start-up has failed due to stiff completion. After thorough research, they decided to start a venture which would build wireless products that can link machines with each other.

What supported their decision to grow Nimble?

The industry of Wireless products talking machine to machine was around $ 44 Bn in 2011. It is expected to go to $ 290 Bn in 2017. With such strong industry growth, they decided to grow Nimble.

Who are the customers for Nimble?

There are several customers like Tata telecom, Maharastra State Electricity board, Airtel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone etc.,

Some of the products of Nimble and how they operate

Wireless sensors developed by Nimble are installed across 500 towers in Chennai, India.  These sensors help to remotely manage towers, gather insights, check the health of the batteries, temperature and fuel levels etc. These data would be helpful for telecom companies to take appropriate steps on need basis instead of spending money on regular maintenance.

Nimble Smart metering system transmits electricity consumption to handheld devices of field employees and to electricity department. While manpower effort would get saved, this process would enable to get accurate electricity meter bills.

In US a truck got stolen and with Nimble wireless technology it got tracked within 1 hour. The cost of products in truck was $ 200,000 / Rs 1.2 Crores. Installing such wireless products may cost you some money, but also prevents and helps you not to incur huge loses.

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Unique wireless products of Nimble make such business successful. Currently there are 25 employees who are experts in wireless products working for Nimble. Currently it has a sales turnover of Rs 3 Crores. In 2014, it aims to achieve Rs 15 Crores turnover. With its unique products and aggressive plans, hopefully Sivakumar and Naveen should be able to meet their targets.

Let us wish Sivakumar and Naveen to grow their business further and bring some more innovative products at Nimble.

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