Photo Mugs and Plates-Creative small business idea

Photo Mugs and Plates-Creative and emerging small business ideaPhoto Mugs and Plates-Creative small business idea

If you are looking to do part-time business, you can explore the option of Photo Mugs and Plates business. This is an emerging business and has a good potential to grow. If you like creativity, Photo Mugs and Plates business would help in having fun and earning money.

What is Photo Mugs and Plates business?

Recently I visited a shopping mall and observed a kiosk with mugs and plates or plaques. The gentlemen explained that if we have a family photograph, he can print it on Mugs and plates and it costs less than Rs 500 / USD 10. I started doing analysis on this business idea and found that it has good potential to grow in future. It could be memorable gift for anyone as it stays for some time with us. You can also give gift to your loved ones or friends and surprise them.

What is the equipment required to start this business?

To run this business you just need a computer, printing machine, camera, mugs/plates, special printing paper etc.  You can take photograph of your customers and upload them in the computer, print through the printer and paste it on the Mug or plate. In case the photographs are already available in customers mobile, you can copy them in to the computer, you can use them for printing.

Where to run this business?

You can start this business at shopping malls, cine malls, crowded markets, amusement parks etc.. You just need to put a small kiosk in these business places. This would be your starting point in building a brand value for your business. You can expand your business by recruiting couple of staff members and putting them at various places.

How to promote such photo mugs and plates business?

Once you start a business places and you get some brand value, you can start promoting it at club houses and corporates. Corporates generally give away achievement awards and gifts to their employees regularly. If you can tie-up with a few companies, you can generate regular income. You can promote your business through Facebook by posting regularly about your products with beautiful pictures.

How much money is required to start the business?

You need a computer, printing machine, mugs/plates, special printing paper etc. The amount would range between Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 / USD 500 to USD 1000. You can also work as franchisee for any branded company. This would give good opportunity to start with.

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