25 Part Time Business Ideas you can start today

Part-Time Business Ideas you can start today25 Part Time Business Ideas you can start today

You may be a college student or house wife or a retired person. If you want to do part-time business, this article is for you. There are several part time business ideas where individuals can spend few hours in a day at their convenience and make money.

25 Part Time Business Ideas you can start today

1) Home Tutor: If you like teaching, you can work as home tutor by teaching children. You can either call children to your home or you can pick-up few students and you can spend 2-3 hours in a day and teach them at students home. This is one of the good part time business ideas for college students and house wives.

2) Arts and Crafts: If you like creativity, you can work at home on arts and crafts. You can do several things including photo mugs and plates business by spending few hours in a day. This would be a good idea for people who would like to explore new things and interested in creativity.

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3)  Sell items through e-Bay: If you like trading (buying and selling), you should choose this business idea. You can sell several things on e-Bay. There are several good options where you need not own anything and you can buy them online and sell them to the people who are looking for such products.

4) Yoga Trainer: If you are retired, you can choose this as one of the part time business ideas. You can work as Yoga trainer in a community hall or school premises during morning or evening hours and make money. Due to severe work pressure, everyone is looking for physical exercise and yoga classes. This would be good idea for individuals who retired and who cannot go around the places to earn money.

5) Part time photography: If you love photography, you can choose this as part time business. You can plan for wedding photography or photography for special events where you can spend few hours and earn money. There are several ways where a photographer can earn money.

6) Train people on what you know: If you have any expert skills, you can spend few hours in a day and earn money. It includes any specific domain knowledge, functional knowledge, expertise in technical skills like Java, Dot net etc. This is one of the good part time business ideas if you have relevant expert skill.

7) Financial Advisor: There are many people who spend their evening for few hours in advising people on how an individual need to do their financial planning and investments. I specifically spend few hours in a week and earn few thousands of rupees in India by doing this as part time business. I felt this would be good for those who are retired as they would have gained vast knowledge in managing money and investments. You can click here to know how to become a financial advisor.

8) Event Planning: If you can create fun at party or at events, you can consider event management planning as part-time business idea. There would be specific events conducted by schools, colleges, companies etc. where you can create fun and plan the event well and earn money. If you love creating some fun, this could be one of the creative part time business ideas.

9) Write articles and make money: If you are good in writing skills, you can consider this as one of your part time business ideas. There are several magazines and news papers which provide opportunity for writing articles on part time. You can also write on hubpages.com or Squidoo.com and earn money. Good part is there is no restriction on how many articles you need to write.  Depending on the quality of articles, you would get money.

10) Earn money by uploading videos to YouTube: If you like photo shooting and can do some creative videos, this business idea would suit you better. You can create videos, upload them to YouTube and start earning money. There are more than 10 ways where you can earn money after you upload the videos to YouTube.

11) Catering Service: There are small events or birthday occasions where people prefer to order the food to catering services. If you can prepare good food, you can get orders and execute by spending few hours in a week. This would be a good part-time business idea who loves food.

12) DJ: If you love music, you can work as DJ in special events or weddings and make money.

13) Stitching clothes: You can spend few weeks and get trained on how to stitch clothes. Once you learn, you can start stitching clothes. You can do this as part-time business and make good amount of money. This would be best suitable for house-wives who get few hours free time in a day.

14) Teach Music: If you love music, you can teach music to students at home or at music academy. By spending few hours in a day, while you earn decent money, you would also enjoy it.

15) Part time sales clerk: There are several individuals who are spending few hours in the evening in a shopping mall as sales clerk and earning money. This would be good part-time business idea for college students as they can get hands-on training experience on how to sell a product.

16) Event decorators: These days even for small events, people prefer to do decoration. If you have some creativity, you can spend few hours in a day for such event decorators and make money.

17) Create a website or blog: This is another killer part-time business idea. You can create a blog or website and start posting few articles in the area which you are expert. Soon after you write 40 to 50 articles, you can start generating income. This would be a good part time business ideas who has an expertise in a particular domain or special skills like investments, insurance, education, manufacturing etc.

18) Insurance Advisor: You can also do part-time business as insurance advisor. Insurance advisor approaches individuals who are looking for insurance needs and sell them the products. Once the product is purchased by an individual, advisor would get commission.  Sometimes he would get regular yearly income on the policies sold.  Such part time business ideas would be best suitable for retired people who might have good networking.

19) Arranging small trips: If you like travelling, you can arrange for small trips or tours and charge them a fee. While you would earn money, you would also enjoy travelling which you like.

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20) Computer Tutor: If you have computer knowledge, you can work as computer tutor in the evenings at home or part time at a school. You can also work in a computer training centre in the morning or evening hours. This part-time business idea would be good for college students as they can earn while learning.

21) Gift basket business: You might be aware that gift basket business is the emerging business in India. You need to have good contacts so that you can do gift baskets and sell to the shop owners. This idea is best suitable for college students and house wives who like creativity.

22) Evening home food: There are several elderly house wives who provide evening home food for a price. Though you may not make good money, but you can run this business from home and earn some money.

23) Hiring consultant: There are various companies who are looking to hire people. However if you have good contacts, you can work as hiring consultant and provide resumes to such companies. If the candidates are selected, you would get commission up to 1 month salary of the person hired. This would be suitable for elders who are retired and who want to spend few hours in a day.

24) Website designer: If you have some technical skills, you can get trained in website designing and earn good money. While you would not frequent orders for this, but you would get very good decent money as the price for website designing is very high.

25) SEO consultant: If you are computer savvy, you would know what SEO is. All websites would look for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultants so that they get good ranking for their web pages in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can take few hours of training on SEO, start helping website owners and earn decent money.

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part time business ideas you can start today

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