How to sell products online on

How to sell products online on ebay.comHow to sell products online on

One of the best ways to make online is to sell products on This is an e-commerce website where products can be purchased or sold. There are several people who are searching for new or used products on and making the purchases.

How to sell products online on

Below is the step-by-step process on how to start the business online with

1) Create eBay account: To start using eBay services to sell products, you need to register and create an account with You need to fill the registration form at (click to register) and create an account. Once you create eBay account, you need to open a seller account at to start selling the products.

2) Create paisa pay account: In India, you need to create paisa pay account to start receiving the payments. The links are available on

3) Decide on what you want to sell: Do some research on what you want to sell and list down the products. Use your creativity and get pictures of what you want to sell. You can purchase some good colored bulbs to take the photos of the product you want to sell.

4) Know what the charges are: You should know what would be the charges to sell on eBay. There are various fees charged by eBay to sell online.

5) List the item on eBay: Once you have taken necessary photographs, list them on

6) Tracking your listings: Once you have placed your product on eBay, your selling section indicates the number of enquires, number of bids, winning bidder and payment status.

7) Start receiving the payments: If you are from India, you would receive the payments through paisa pay and based on this you need to send the products to the buyer address.

How to be successful in eBay selling business?

1) Start with small products: If you are new to selling on eBay, start selling small products to get experience about how the transactions happen on eBay.

2) Get customer experience: When you start selling small products, you would get relevant experience on what a buyer is expecting. You can get the pulse of the customer and slowly increase your products.

3) Sell popular products: You need to do some research about some popular products being sold. Also sell the product, where you have good knowledge about it. This way you need not keep large stock of the products you are going to sell.

4) Start with direct supply products: Start your business on eBay by selecting a buyer who would, directly deliver to customer. This is one of the good ways to make money online where you need not own products and save lot of warehouse and shipping charges.

5) Sell unwanted things at your home to start with: Sell any unwanted items you are holding now at your home. This would give a first experience on how the selling of products happens at eBay.

6) Provide max info about product: Provide as much information as you can about the product you want to sell. The requestor should not come back with many queries about the product.

7) Quick shipment: Once someone purchases your product, deliver the product as soon as possible. There are very good chances that the buyer would get good impression and he would purchase more products from you and recommend them to their friends.

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How to sell products online on

10 Home Based Business Ideas

Home Based Business Ideas, Business to start at home10 Home Based Business Ideas

Due to increasing cost of living, every one of us thinking of doing a part time or a home based business to earn money instead of sitting idle. It could be house wives or college students or people sitting at home, if you have a good home based business idea, you can earn decent money. Home based business idea would help to do business and at the same time, you would be your own boss, flexible timings etc. These home based business ideas can be considered by a house wife, college students, moms and by seniors to some extent.

10 Home Based Business ideas

1) Blogging: You can create your own website by sitting at home and start earning money. The amount required to create and maintain a website is just $ 100 to $ 150 per annum. There is good potential that you can earn more than $ 1000 per month if you can spend few hours in a week. You should be little familiar with computer, internet and you should be passion about a topic. If you can start writing smaller articles on the website and see that you get good Google search ranking, it is very easy to earn thousands of dollars per month.

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2) Affiliate marketing: You can work as affiliate marketer where you would promote other companies products and in case of any sale, you would be paid commission. The promotion of such products can be done through your website or through email marketing or through you tube etc., This is one of the best home based business idea as there would be very little investment, but if you have a good network of people or good email marketing skills, you can easily earn thousands of dollars per month.

3) Selling on eBay: You would have heard about eBay. EBay is the online e-commerce portal where you can buy and sell anything. You can sell online through eBay and earn money. There are options where you need not own any product, but you can sell and ask the company to directly send the products to the buyer. If you can do some research on fast moving products, you can easily make out money by sitting at home.

4) Arts and Crafts: If you are passion about doing crafts, you can start this home based business with low investment. You can promote such products through your local media and through social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. This would be a good home based business idea if you like creativity.

5) Freelancer services: If you are good in writing about a topic, you can start as freelancer. There are several companies which are hiring freelancers and are paying $ 10 to $ 100 per day. There are several websites like, where thousands of companies are searching for freelancers and hiring them.

6) Hiring consultant: If you are good in networking and would be able to hire the people for companies, you can work as hiring consultant. Many companies are searching for talent, however not able to get required talented resources. If you can tie up with some companies for specific skills, you can shortlist some resumes and send it to such companies who can schedule an interview with candidates. If they are selected, you would get decent amount. The consultant charges would be ranging between 1 to 2 months salary of the candidates being hired. This is a best home based business to make decent money if you have good networking skills.

7) Baby care centre: If you have good space at home, you can start baby care centre. This is best home based business idea for those who love kids. You may need to comply with local legal regulations to start this business idea.

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8) Boutique: This home based business idea is best suitable for women and college girls. They have good taste on fashion, clothing, embroidery etc., Designing of women’s wear can be done by them easily.

9) Photography: If you are good at photography, you can start shooting videos and take beautiful creative photos and earn money. You can also upload good videos to YouTube and making money online with pay per click advertising.

10) Home Tutor: This is one of the good home based business idea for those who are educated and love teaching kids. One can start as a home tutor and earn thousands of dollars per month.

Readers, what is your opinion about these home based business ideas. Do you have any other good home based business ideas which you are currently running?  

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How to start a poultry farm business

How to start a poultry farm business

Poultry farm business is one of the fast growing and lucrative business. There are companies which have started poultry farm business as small business idea and grown to large business and earning millions.

Future of Poultry Farm Business

Chickens are one of the major sources of animal meat apart from meat from goat, pork and fish. Poultry farm business is growing year on year and is expected to grow aggressively in future.

Who are the customers for poultry farm business?

  • Regular individual customers
  • Fast-food centers
  • Restaurants
  • Mid-sized hotels and large size hotels

How to start a poultry farm business

1) Licensing requirements: To start a poultry farm business, you need to take licenses from local government. The license fees would depend upon the location.

2) Poultry farm compliance regulations: You need to understand poultry arm compliance regulations. If you start without knowing it, your license would be cancelled and you may need to shut down the business.

3) Medical coverage: Chickens may get diseases which is part of the business. However you need to have proper medical coverage including resident doctors and medical staff who need to keep on monitoring the chickens. A small virus can ruin your business.

4) Insurance coverage: Since there is a risk of chickens getting diseases, proper insurance coverage helps you to reduce the risks. Generally insurance charges for poultry farm would be high as there is a greater risk involved.

5) Skilled staff: Apart from medical staff, you need to have regular skilled staff to take care of the chickens. You may not need professionals for it, but skilled people required to manage the day to day operations efficiently.

What are the costs to start poultry farm business?

There are various costs like

  • Start up costs
  • Construction costs
  • Operational costs to manager day to day activities
  • Costs to manage for 6 months to 1 year, till the business have a break-even of sales.

How to get financing for poultry farm business

Financing is the major step in starting the poultry farm business. Financing depends upon the size of the business you are planning to start. If you are starting in a small scale size, you can manage with your own finances. If you are starting the business with mid-sized or large size, you may need to get loans. Banks offer secured and unsecured loans for starting poultry farm business.

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How to become a Financial Advisor

How to become a Financial AdvisorHow to become a Financial Advisor

If you are passionate about investment, finance, stocks, mutual funds etc., you can make your career as financial planning advisor.

What is financial planning?

Every investor would be willing to invest in good investment options and plan for their future. However an individual may not be to research the investment options and get best out of it. The element of planning may be missing. He would depend on experts to make his investment decision. Here the role of a financial advisor would come into place

How do financial advisor help the investor?

Financial advisor would help the investor in putting his finances in place and advice him for good investment options and help him to achieve their financial goals in pre-defined period within the available investment.

Is there any demand for such financial advisors?

With the growing population and increasing awareness about financial planning, there is very good demand for financial advisors.

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How to become a financial advisor?

1) Qualified financial advisors Vs General financial advisors: In India, legally, there is no specific qualification to be possessed by a financial advisor. However it would be a good advice that an individual who is interested to make his career as financial advisor goes through the financial planning certifications like certified financial planner (CFP). It would give more weight age for an individual by doing such certifications.

2) Understand various investment options: You should be passionate about the capital markets, various investment options and latest tax laws to work as a financial advisor. There are various investment options like Stocks, Mutual funds, PPF, Bank fixed deposits, company / corporate fixed deposits, small saving schemes. You should be familiar with those terminologies and how they work.

3) Understand various risks: If you know various investment options, it may not be sufficient. You should know various risks involved if one invests in such investment options. You should study various trends for such investment options so that it gives an idea as how an investment option behaves in various economic conditions.

3) Start your website / own blog: Once you are well versed with the terminologies, you can start your own website or blog and advertise about your financial advisor services. You can keep writing articles so that people can trust you and approach you for the advices.

4) Use paid adveritising: You should advertise with pay per click advertisement programmes (e.g. Google PPC) and spend some money to get new customers. You can do banner advertisement in various investment websites to attract customers.

5) Start with low service charges: When you are initially starting financial advisory services, customers may not trust you. You can start attracting customers by offering low charges. Once your business grows, you can start increasing your fees.

6) Conduct contests / quiz: One of the important ways of promoting your business is conduct contests and quiz on your site to create awareness among customers. I have done this earlier and was successful in getting new customers.

7) Make a follow-up call with your members: As a financial advisor, your role would not end up once you provide advisor services and collect your fees. You should enquire your customers about their financial planning and keep providing suggestions.  

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How to become a Financial Advisor

How to test a business idea?

Small business ideas10 tips to test a business idea to be successful in a business

You have a wonderful business idea or small business idea, but do not know whether it would work out well. You are not aware whether this business idea would be successful.  What are the points you need to consider to test a business idea to be successful in a business?

What is your business or small business idea?

Take a notepad and start writing about the business idea or small business idea which you are planning to start and answer these simple questions.

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10 tips on how to test a business idea to be successful in a business

  1. Profitability: You are not starting your business for charity. How profitability your business would be. If you start a business and start thinking about profitability you are nowhere. You need to know what the business you are going to do is and how profitability the business is going to be.
  2. Who are your customers? Do you know who your customers are, where they are and how frequently they can visit your business? If you are selling high cost products where only rich people can buy, it would be difficult for you to reach the small customers. You should be aware of the customers whom you are targeting.
  3. Who are your competitors? If you want to be successful in your business, you should know who are your competitors and what products they are offering and how they attracting customers and selling their products. If would be a good idea to see all possible offers they are offering to boost their sales.
  4. Is there enough demand for your products or services? If you just create a product or service and want to sell it, there should be enough demand in the market. If you think that you are offering innovative products and cannot estimate the demand, you need to try alternative methods of assessing the demand for your products.
  5. Who can run the business? Do you have enough skills to run the business? Can you run the business for next 2-3 years without looking at the profitability or without any hurdles?
  6. How long do you need to invest? Generally when you start a small business idea, people will fail to estimate how long they need to invest. They break the business saying the business ‘failed’. One of the main reason is they do not estimate how long they need to invest to continue the business till they reach some sales target of profitability break-even point. Consider all the investments which are required to run the business to reach this level
  7. When can you make first sale or do a break-even? This is another tricky question one should ask themselves before thinking about any business idea or small business idea. If you are for sure not going to make first sale for next 6 months, you need to look at possible investments to be done for such period.
  8. Slow down in initial period: When you think about any business idea, there are chances that you make mistakes initially due to lack of knowledge. You would learn lot of lessons in the process. You should go slowly in your new business idea initially. Once you have become familiar, you can go or plan to go on aggressive basis in your business.  
  9. Focus on your planned goals: When you draw up the plan for business idea, whether it is small or big, focus on your planned goals. You should get convinced in case there is any diversion from your planned goals. When you go in planned direction, there are greater chances for you to win.
  10. Modify your path wherever required: Finally, correct your path in case you are not going in right direction. Sometimes you may need to take a hasty decision to stop the business idea. It may be worthwhile to stop such idea instead of failing in such business.

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Topic: How to test a small business idea to be successful in a business

How to start a successful grocery store business

How to start a successful grocery store businessHow to start a successful grocery store business

Grocery store business can be started with family members with low investment to moderate investment. In this article we would discuss about how to start a successful grocery store business.

About Retail industry

Retail industry is fastest growing sector. Increase in population day by day is increasing the demand for such grocery stores.

What to sell?

The products you want to sell in grocery store business can be anything from food to apparel to electronics. Mainly the food items and home essentials, to start with.

How to start a successful grocery store business?

Below is the step-by-step process on how to start a successful grocery store business. We feel this is one of the good small business idea.

1) Research about this business: Familiarize about the products you want to sell. You should prepare a list of products which you feel can be part of your grocery store business.

2) Write detailed business plan: Identify a name for your store, estimate the start-up costs, and estimate the demand. You can submit the plan to professionals in case you are planning for financing your business

3) Location: One key parameter for the success of your grocery store business is the location. It should be easily accessible and nearby transport facility should be available. If it is surrounded by residential houses, there are high chances that your business is successful. While looking for location of your business, you should look for retail space and parking place.

4) Business registration and licensing: You should register your business name and apply for necessary licenses. Licenses would include license required to run business and labor licenses. Depending upon your location, you may need to apply for additional licensing from Dept of Health.

5) Plan for purchases: need to have a plan for the products you may be buying from local distributors or wholesalers. A check list containing the product name, product quality, customer service, delivery time, price of product and discounts offered should be prepared. For perishable goods, you should approach your nearby distributors to gain more. You need to plan for refrigeration costs that may be required for perishable goods. Instead of buying refrigeration equipment, try to get them on lease basis which would reduce the costs. Initially, you may not be plan well and buy all unwanted or excess products. Once you are familiarized and running the business, you would get experience in maintaining proper inventory for grocery store business.

6) Market your business: You should have plan to market your business. You can print brochures, create own website and advertise on newspapers etc. Once you start your business, your customer’s voice should be your advertisement strategy. The more you gain the confidence from existing customers, the more you win new customers

Well, how to be successful in such grocery store business

  • Good attitude towards your customer. e.g. tell them that they need not buy the products, but ask them to give the feedback about your products. It would make the difference.
  • Sell the products at moderate prices.
  • Always keep high quality products
  • Give away freebies once in a month once in 45 days.
  • Provide door delivery services after a pre-defined limit of purchases.
  • Ensure major products are always available
  • Give customer something, they cannot get anywhere else like a good customer service etc.
  • Keep high quality products where there is heavy customer traffic in your store.

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Day care centre – How to start a child day care business

How to start a child day care businessHow to start a child day care business

Children day care has become profitable business. However unless you plan it well, you cannot be success in this business. In this article we would discuss about how to start a successsful child day care business.

Demand for child day care business

In a recent study conducted by Children welfare association, it has come out that 65% of American mothers leave their children in day care centers. In India the percentage is low at 15% to 20%.  The demand for day care centre business is expected to grow at faster pace as parents want to create wealth at young age. Unless wife and husband work, they cannot achieve their financial goal at young age. Parents thinks that their child can learn more at day care centres. This creates good demand in coming years.

How to start a child day care business

  1. Step1- Licensing: You should know about the government regulations and licensing requirements before you start a child day care business. There are several regulations to be followed to get a license from the government authorities. Local authorities imposes several restrictions like, minimum space per child, minimum one hot meal per day etc., There are police checks to be done before such license is given. Depending upon the country, there are other requirements such as applying for employer identification number, tax number etc. In some countries like India, you need to apply for additional licensing from child welfare department.
  2. Step-2 – Premises for child day care business: You need to take a lease of commercial space. If you are planning to run this as home based business, you should have sufficient space at your home to run. This space should include space for garden, children play area, proper ventilation etc.  Just ensure that you have proper amenities like water, electricity, gas etc. which are minimum requirements.
  3. Step-3 – Infrastructure: This step involves, purchasing furniture like tables, chairs, cots and purchasing indoor, outdoor toys, kitchen equipments, refrigerator etc., when you are purchasing furniture, shabby, used or mismatched furniture can be avoided. Get something that is bright, cheerful and interactive.  When you buy a refrigerator, buy a big double door one and complete with ice maker and water in the door. It would make good impression when parents make first day care centre tour and there are greater chances that they would say yes at first instance. Buy the toys which can improve children's analytical skills.
  4. Step-4 – Staffing requirements: Back ground check is required before you hire any staff for day care centre. This is to ensure that they will not put the children at the centre in danger. Take care of adult-to-child ratio properly. More staff is required for young child than the older child.
  5. Step-5 – Marketing and planning for child day centre: This step is crucial for the success of your business. Tell others about your child day care centre. Create brochures, website and publicize on social networking sites, Google local places about your business.

 What are the regular activities you need to take care at child day care centre?

  • Work with staff members to manage day to day, child day care centre activities.
  • Plan, supervise and engage child’s activities and mealtimes
  • Maintain clean and healthy environment
  • Communicate with parents about child’s progress. If you communicate how child reacts during a day, parents would get excited.

Hidden facts about children day care centre

Don’t get excited before you start this business. There are several hidden facts which might not be aware.

  • In child day care centre, you are not just a manager. You need to work as secretary, book keeper, servant (you would realize after you start this business), organizer, planner, implementer etc.
  • Due to competitive environment and under stressed conditions, parents are required to work beyond 7.30 pm. Prepare yourself to accept that you need to work beyond this.
  • There are no holidays for you in this business except for weekends. In India, you may get holiday only on Sundays.
  • You need to have back-up staff in case of any emergency
  • You may not be able to say “No” to a parent whose child has a running nose, fever etc., as it would affect other children in day care centre. Prepare yourself to face such situtaion and communicate upfront with parents before they join their child in your day care centre.

How to be successful in children day care centre business

  • Majority of the child day care centers may not accept infants. If you provide this facility, there are greater chances that you would be success in such business.
  • There are chances that parents tend to forget about their child's food in a hurry to go to work. Keeping extra food items at day care centre, make the parents comfortable.
  • Take a photograph of all good moments of child and share with their parents through email or Facebook. This is invaluable service. Parents would get excited with such service.
  • Keep the premises safe and secure. Furniture and equipment maintain well. Lack of such facility would damage the reputation of your business.

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