How to start an Event Planning Business

How to start an Event Planning BusinessHow to start an Event Planning Business

Are you good at creating fun at parties? Do you ensure that you would execute the plan as per timelines? Then you should try starting an Event Planning Business.

What is Event Planning Business?

There are several special events where an individual or company may not be able to plan and execute it. They may depend on professionals who can plan such event and make the event success. These professionals are called Event Management Planners or Event Planners

What are special events where event planner is required?

There are several special events where event planner is required.

  • Celebrations – This includes weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Educational events – This includes conferences, meetings, get-together parties, annual day celebrations etc.
  • Promotional events – This includes any product launches, fashion shows, new service launching etc.

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Professional qualification: Though event planning does not require any special qualifications, companies or firms are looking for qualified professionals for event planning. You can go graduation in event planning. You can also add certifications like Certified Special Event Professional (CESP) or Certified Meeting planner (CMP) which can enhance your skills for Event planning business.

How to start Event Planning Business?

a) Finding customers for event planning:  In initial stages, you might be finding difficult to get customers to do event planning. Best way to start is informing your friends, relatives, colleagues about your event management business.

b) Conduct Research: Once you get hired to do event planning, do research on the event you need to do. Gather as much info as possible.

c) Create event designs: You should plan for event designs. The designs would depend on the type of event you are doing. If you are doing a college annual day celebrations, a theme which depicts college, students, education should be used. The theme would help you in making proper designs at the event entrance, designing the dais, designs around the place where event is being done.

d) Choose an event site: Choosing a site would depend on the budget, number of people who are going to attend, logistic requirements etc.,

e) Planning for food: You should be able to estimate the type of people you would be expecting for the event, their food taste, number of the attendees for the event etc.

f) Planning for transportation: You need to plan for transportation of the attendees who might be coming from distance places.

g) Update attendees list: Though this list would be provided by the customer, but this would be useful for you to plan for the event for food and transportation.

h) Supervision at site: You may need to supervise the activities at site to ensure everything goes right.

i) Conducting evaluation and feedback of the event: Thought this is the last step in the event planning, this would help you in getting new customers. If your even is successful, you can ask them to recommend to others. This would be a good way of mouth advertising of your event planning business.

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Event planning business industry is growing year on year. With growing population and people’s change in attitude to celebrate such events, starting an event planning business would be an excellent idea.

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