How to become LIC Agent

How to become LIC AgentHow to become LIC Agent?

One of the good business ideas which requires low education and has potential to earn money is LIC Agent. Here are few simple step-by-step guidance on how to become an LIC agent in India.

Who is eligible to become LIC Agent?

Any individual who has attained 18 years of age and minimum pass out of 12th Standard is eligible to become LIC Agent.

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What is the process to become LIC Agent?

An eligible candidate can contact nearest LIC Branch Office and meet the Development Officer at the branch. The LIC Branch Manager would conduct an interview with the eligible candidate, and if found suitable, he would be sent to training at LIC divisional training centre. The training is generally for 100 hours and covers various aspects of Life Insurance business. After successful completion of training the individual will have to undergo pre-licensing examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA).

After successful completion of the examination an individual will be awarded a license by the IRDA to work as an insurance agent.

Based on the license, an individual would be appointed as an agent by the LIC Branch Office and he/she would be a part of the team under LIC Development Officer (DO). Generally Development Officer (DO) will impart field training and groom the candidate which will help in the market place.

Who can become LIC Agent?

Individuals who have good networking of people, individuals who are outgoing and like meeting people can become LIC Agent. If you are ambitious to own a business for unlimited earning potential, LIC Agent would show you the path.

How you would be successful as an LIC Agent?

Self motivator, good in communication, able to convert networking into business is the key for the success for an LIC Agent.

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