5 Successful Start-up Business Ideas in 2014

5 successful start-up business ideas in 20145 Successful Start-up business ideas in 2014

Many entrepreneurs are testing their business skills and several startups are emerging day by day. However, all start-up business ideas are not successful. Some of the emerging business ideas are creating excitement among aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to offer innovative products to customers. In this article, I am providing some new start-ups who have started in 2014 and running them successfully.

5 Successful Start-up business ideas in 2014

1) Birds Eye System – Real time traffic information on roads

A birds eye system which got started a few months back provides real time traffic info on the roads. It provides info across the web, Apps, SMS, Email etc. Currently this provide services in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Start-up seed capital was Rs 20 Lakhs and further it got funding for another Rs 2 Crores from Angel Network.

2) Cucumbertown for Cooking

Like Tumbler for blogging, Cucumbertown is formed for cooking. Cucumbertown is the network of cooks and chefs and a platform for cooks who want online identity. Any individual can become a superstar with the cucumber cooking system. Currently this start-up expects to grow in the US and European countries. This site has seen a huge increase in viewers in recent times.

3) Goonj – “Cloth for work” – Connecting urban material with rural development

When Urban people give away their clothes, then such discarded clothes are used for constructive use in India. Goonj team is working with village communities on “Cloth for work” and building bridges, digging wells, repairing roads, etc., the Company is expected to expand this at national level and international level.

4) Gram Vaani Community-First voice based social media platform

Gram Vaani start-up is working on first voice based social media platform for rural people and low income people. People can share voice content with each other over simple call and work on their needs. The company is planning to establish 5 Mn bottom of the pyramid users by the end of 2014.

5) Sapience Analytics – Increasing productivity by 20%

Sapience has developed a patent pending software which delivers 20% gain in productivity of organization without requiring to change in existing processes. It analyses various parameters such as employee effort, irrespective whether he was working at the office or home, he was working on the computer or meetings, he was in business call or travelling. Currently 60K users are using this application and gaining across US, Europe and Asian countries. 

These are some of the successful entrepreneurs who started in 2014.

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Successful Start-up business ideas in 2014