25 best small business ideas with low investment

25 best small business ideas with low investment25 best small business ideas with low investment

There are hundreds of small business ideas which can be started with low investment. We have analyzed a few of them and below are the best small business ideas which can be started with zero or low investment.

1) Photo mugs and plates: This is one of the good innovative small business ideas. If you like creativity, you can print photo on mugs and plates. People would keep such things as memorable thing in their life. Step-by-step guide on how to start photo mugs and plates.

2) Start a grocery store business: If you have 2-3 family members, you can start a grocery store business. It requires some capital, but it would create good opportunity for you to earn decent money. Step-by-Step guide on how to start grocery store business.

3)  Staffing solutions: With the unemployment rate increasing, people are looking for various jobs. People can be literate or illiterate; hence starting a staffing solution would be one of the best small business ideas. Starting this small business would require very low investment. If you are good at recruiting the people, earning thousands of dollars every month is simple.

4)  Real estate consultant: Real estate is one industry which has been growing consistently across the world. If you have good networking skills, you can start real estate consultant business. Generally real estate consultants charge 1% to 2% of real estate value as commission. This is a one of the best small business idea who is good in networking and has large network circle.

5) Starting a gift basket business: This is new business idea and yet to see the potential in the business. The idea here is creating a gift basket theme consists of food items, dry fruits and gifts that suits a particular category like movie lovers, college students, college girls etc. If you like creating new innovative things, such small business ideas suits you better. Step-by-step guide on how to to start gift basket business.

6) Day care centre: Do you love children? Then why don’t you start a day care centre. You need a small investment to start, but when you select good location and provide unique facilities, your business can be successful.

7)  Groceries delivery centre: This is one of the innovative ideas to start small business. The idea is here to groceries to the door step of the consumer with some additional charge. Everyone is busy in the fast pace world. If you provide this facility at small charge, people would love this. You should have tie-ups with shop owners to do this.

8)  Stationery or book shop: Opening a book store or stationery shop is one of the best small business ideas who want to run a family business. It can include books, stationery or management books etc. This business idea has become famous as family members can run this business with little knowledge. However this business idea requires moderate investment. Adding special items to the book store would enhance your business.

9)  Custom made festival gifts: Have you observed the special gifts during festival seasons? You can try any innovative methods of preparing gifts for the festivals.

10)  Start your own blog / website: If you have a hobby about a particular domain or niche, you can start a blog and start educating to the people. Once your blog is successful, you can place Google Ads and other local ads and start generating income. It would take at least 6 months to 8 months to start earning money through this business. It is one of the best small business ideas for those who are experts in a particular activity and willing to write such things on the website. Step-by-step process on how to create a website or blog.

11)  Insurance Advisor:  You can act as insurance advisor. Insurance advisors in India would keep getting fixed commissions till the time the insurance policy is live. This is a good business idea for senior citizens or people who have just retired. Due to their huge networking contacts, they can easily sell few policies and start making money.

12) Financial advisor: If you are professional and have knowledge about investments, you can act as financial advisor. Financial advisor is one who provides financial advices or investment advices to clients like investing in Stocks, Mutual funds, fixed income opportunities etc. In return he would get financial advisor fees which would range between $ 100 to $ 150 per advice. This is one of the best small business ideas who are passionate about investments and who keep doing research in various investment options and looks at trends on how they behave at various market cycles. Step-by-step process on how to start as a financial advisor.

13) Gift articles Shoppe: Start a Shoppe of Gift articles. If you are creative and always look for creative or innovative things, this business idea best suits you. This business can also run by family members. However they may not add much value except to take care of customers.

14) Start a poultry farm business: This is good business to start provided you have some capital to invest. Chickens are one of the major sources of animal meat apart from meat from goat, pork and fish. Poultry farm business is growing year on year and is expected to grow aggressively in future. Step by step process on how to start a poultry farm business.

15) Event management: If you have a creativity and can create some fun at the parties, this business would be best suitable for you. Even management is one where need to take care end to end responsibility by creating the good ambience at party, place staff who can create fun and enjoyment at the events.

16) Sell products on eBay: Selling products on eBay is another good idea. You need to sign-up on eBay and look for hot products and start your business. There is wide variety of options and even you may need not own a product, but you can sell the product online through eBay. This option has become famous as no warehouse or purchasing is required. Step-by-step process on how to start selling products on eBay.

17) Teach what you know: This is one of the best small business ideas who are expert in a particular activity like teaching, music, singing etc. Start coaching the people, what you are good at. If someone asks me to talk about how to create a blog or website and how to take this to top page on Google search engine, I can talk for 5 to 6 hours non-stop. If you have such skill, you consider this as one of the best small business ideas.

18) Ice cream shop business: Opening an ice cream parlor / shop would be a top small business idea. Even this business can be run by the family members and no special expertise is required.

19) Chocolate shop business: This is one of the emerging small business ideas. If you love chocolates, this business idea can create some excitement for you.

20) Website designer: If you have a skill on how to design a website, you can help people by creating a website of their choice and charge them. The charges would range between $ 100 to $ 500 depending on the content.

21) Website SEO consultant: There are several websites which are being created. However if you notice only few are surviving. The websites which are created are not popping up in Google search results and there are low visitors to the sites. How to improve the ranking of the website, so that more visitors visit the website. The search engine optimization (SEO) consultant would work on improving the website ranking so that websites gets more visitors and more business is done. If you like internet and exploring various things on the internet world, this would be one of the best small business ideas for you.

22) Yoga instructor: This would be a good idea for women and senior citizens or college students who want to spend few hours and want to make money.

23) Wedding planner: Wedding planner is similar to event management. However the difference is this business idea restricts to wedding. If you have passion about buying things at lesser costs and creating fun at parties, this business idea best suits you.

24) Jewellery maker: If you are the gold lover and like the jewellery designs, you can start your small business as jewellery maker. While you enjoy all your moments working on gold, you also earn good income.

25) Interior designer: This is a good emerging business idea in some of the countries like India. If you think you can use your creativity to keep your home beautiful all the time, you can consider this business opportunity.

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Best small business ideas with low investment