5 Emerging Small Business Ideas in India

Emerging Small Business Ideas in India5 Emerging Small Business Ideas in India

In this growing expensive world one should also look for the second source of income. 2015 will be a great year for you. Some people want to start a new business for the sake of flexibility, some are just fed up with cruel bosses, and some are just looking for an opportunity to make more money than they would have, as employees. In this article, I would provide 5 Emerging Small Business Ideas in India that are trending now.

5 Emerging Small Business Ideas in India that are trending now

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1) Real Estate Agent – Risk – Low (but some legal Risk)

Business Idea - Real Estate Agent

A real estate broker or real estate agent is a person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/real property and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.

You no longer have to be involved in the real estate business as much as real estate agents were in the past. There’s so much data online about houses being sold, that you can basically do a mix-and-match. Have people coming to you with their requirements, do the search, and take a small commission of the deal.

You would have to cover yourself legally, though. You have to do things so they would be transparent enough and legally documented well enough, to actually get what you deserve for this provision of service.

These brokers will minimum charge 1% to 3% of the total value of the property. For example if the total value of the property is Rs 50 Lakhs they minimum charge an amount of Rs 50,000 each (total value * 1%) from both the buyer and the seller.

2) Clothing Business

Business Idea - Clothing businessFor a literate or illiterate, clothing business is best start up business.  One need to know about the quality of the cloth from cheaper to higher . During the initial stage he can start up with small investment and later he can expand the business from raw cloth to a fashion boutique. Ranging from Western wear to South Indian wear and for all Men’s, Women & kids.

In the present trend, especially working women is looking for an end to end point in one shop for kids, men’s wear and women’s. For example if there is an festival (or) wedding (or) house warming ceremony or any other occasion, they look  from Saree to blouse designing (including blouse stitching  to designing the blouses with heavy works) they are trying to do it with one step.

Let us take live example of Reddy Brothers in Hyderabad. They have open a small shop in Hyderabad, now his turnover per month is running in Crores. Especially in India clothing business is growing a lot.

Another best way to attract customers is to give them redeemable points.

This is one of the top emerging small business ideas that are trending now.

3) Health Clubs for Millennial

Business Idea - Millenial fitness centre

Do you know anything about Millennial? These are born between from the early 1980s to the early 2000s

As per the latest trend reports it has been noticed that  from the teen to mid aged group people are drinking alcohol less than ever and focusing more on the health and fitness. This indicates health and fitness services are emerging and becoming a trendier.

Open a health club and fitness center and target specifically to millennial and this would be a best way to capitalize. You can focus on creating a strong, fun and engaging social media presence to really connect with young members.

4) Mobile Food Courts

Business Idea - Mobile food courtUnder this business idea, you would prepare food and supply through van at specific places. It would work like a fast food restaurant, but would be served through vans. A van is less investment than a brick and a mortar restaurant.

Choose a right place especially in IT hubs, Bus stands, Railway stations and Airports. With the right equipment and some great recipes, you can have your mobile eatery up and running in no time.

This business is really best suitable for a joint family (or)  a partnership firm .

According to the recent survey it has been noticed that the failure rate for food trucks is just 10 to 20% when compare to the restaurant. Hence we feel this is one of the best emerging small business ideas.

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5) Software Training

Business Idea - software trainingIf you are technically having sound knowledge on the subject then it is really very good to start up a training sessions and you can get paid to pass your knowledge on to professionals and amateur (unskilled person).

Technical manuals are available for the programs but they are very costly and it is very difficult for average user to get through. The best way is to schedule small group workshops or private sessions and charge by hour for full tutorial of the program. This is specifically better for the people who can be done for part time job.

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Emerging Small Business Ideas in India

5 Successful Start-up Business Ideas in 2014

5 successful start-up business ideas in 20145 Successful Start-up business ideas in 2014

Many entrepreneurs are testing their business skills and several startups are emerging day by day. However, all start-up business ideas are not successful. Some of the emerging business ideas are creating excitement among aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to offer innovative products to customers. In this article, I am providing some new start-ups who have started in 2014 and running them successfully.

5 Successful Start-up business ideas in 2014

1) Birds Eye System – Real time traffic information on roads

A birds eye system which got started a few months back provides real time traffic info on the roads. It provides info across the web, Apps, SMS, Email etc. Currently this provide services in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Start-up seed capital was Rs 20 Lakhs and further it got funding for another Rs 2 Crores from Angel Network.

2) Cucumbertown for Cooking

Like Tumbler for blogging, Cucumbertown is formed for cooking. Cucumbertown is the network of cooks and chefs and a platform for cooks who want online identity. Any individual can become a superstar with the cucumber cooking system. Currently this start-up expects to grow in the US and European countries. This site has seen a huge increase in viewers in recent times.

3) Goonj – “Cloth for work” – Connecting urban material with rural development

When Urban people give away their clothes, then such discarded clothes are used for constructive use in India. Goonj team is working with village communities on “Cloth for work” and building bridges, digging wells, repairing roads, etc., the Company is expected to expand this at national level and international level.

4) Gram Vaani Community-First voice based social media platform

Gram Vaani start-up is working on first voice based social media platform for rural people and low income people. People can share voice content with each other over simple call and work on their needs. The company is planning to establish 5 Mn bottom of the pyramid users by the end of 2014.

5) Sapience Analytics – Increasing productivity by 20%

Sapience has developed a patent pending software which delivers 20% gain in productivity of organization without requiring to change in existing processes. It analyses various parameters such as employee effort, irrespective whether he was working at the office or home, he was working on the computer or meetings, he was in business call or travelling. Currently 60K users are using this application and gaining across US, Europe and Asian countries. 

These are some of the successful entrepreneurs who started in 2014.

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Successful Start-up business ideas in 2014

30 Small Business Ideas in India

30 small business ideas with zero or low investment30 Small Business Ideas in India

It may be immaterial whether you are young or old or college student or house wive. If you have a will, you can try any business idea and be successful. We are providing 33 small business ideas in India which can be started with zero or low investment. These small business ideas can be tried by any of the individuals and make money.

30 Small Business Ideas in India

1. Custom made Gift Store – If you are good in creativity, you can try this business idea. You need to either directly make gifts or buy creative gift items and sell them in your store.

2. Fitness center – This is the so called Gym is every one favorite as we all want to be healthy and fit. You can open a fitness center and make money. The best part is this can be done even college students as part time in the morning or in the evening.

3. Organizing events: If you are good in conducting events, you can work as an event manager and make money. Organizing events within budgets would help you to grow your business.

4. Interior Designing – These days people are giving preference to interior designing. Hence, I feel this is a good small business ideas which can be started with some investment. I feel this is one of the best small business ideas in India.

5. Grocery Store – If you have more than 1  member at home who can spend few hours in a day you can start Grocery store in India. This does not require higher education, hence anyone at home can contribute to this business.

6. Wedding planner – If you can create some fun at a wedding, you can choose this business idea. The idea is to do wedding planning within the budget and entertaining the guests at the wedding.

7. Tuition at home: If you are educated and have some time during evenings or morning, you can start tuitions to children at home. If you are passionate about teaching at home, you can enjoy your work and also get good money.

8. Fast Food Centre – If you are good at Chinese or fast food preparation, you can try opening fast food center. You can look at this business option with low investment. This is one of the best business idea in India who loves food.

9. SEO Consultant – There are millions of websites which are in the world, however, only a few thousands are surviving. Why? Because competitors are spying and killing other websites. You can work as Search Engine Optimization and help several website owners to be living in the world. You can start this business idea with zero investment.

10. Xerox & Book Binding – You can choose a small shop near schools or colleges and start this business. While Xerox may not give you much money, book binding and Xerox combining, you can expect good money.

11. Web designer – If you are good at Java and can design websites, you can try as a web designer. There is good scope for this business in India and outside India, which can be started with zero to low investment.

12. Jewelry maker – If you like creativity, you can try as a jewelry maker. Since women’s favorite gold is not expected to come down in the near future, this business would be flourishing for a long time. This is one of the top small business ideas in India for those who love creativity.

13. Insurance Consultant – If you have a good network of friends, you can try as an insurance consultant. While you can act as insurance advisor, your friends would get benefitted with your advice and you would get benefitted with commissions which you can expect as an advisor.

14. Freelance writer – There are several companies in India and outside who are looking for freelance writers. E.g. Freelancer.in, freelancer.com etc. If you are passionate about writing, this could be a good idea to start and earn money.

15. Book Store – If you love books, you can open a bookstore and make money.

16. Food catering service: If you can prepare food items, you can think of starting a food catering service. It does not mean you need to cook the food, but if you know cooking, it is easy to know the taste of the customers.

17. Computer Training Institute: If you know computer and passionate about teaching, you can start a computer training institute. It would cost only for computers and furniture.

18. Yoga Centre – Have you observed individuals working in IT and MNC companies who are under stress. They would like to relax and come out of stress. You can conduct yoga classes during morning or evening classes.

19. Baby care center: If you love children, you can open a baby care center. You can either open this at your home or lease a place which is a convenient and quiet place. Providing better facilities can help you to grow your business.

20. Real Estate Consultant – Real estate is ever growing business so starting consultancy for providing guidance about real estate and buy, sell and rent option is a good business option.

21. Advertisement Agency – Advertisement is one of the business which has been growing for years. You can try this advertising business opportunity with a low investment.

22. Photographer – If you are good at taking photos and have some creativity around it, you can start this business with low investment.

23. Training programs: If you are a good motivational speaker, you can conduct several training programs to motivate corporate employees.

24. Travel Agency – If you like to explore different places, you can try this travel agency business opportunity which can be started with a low investment.

27. Courier agency: You can select a busy street and open a courier business. This would help you to get quick bucks by the end of the day.

29. Recruitment Firm –If you have good contacts among friends and if you can figure out your friends’ strengths and weakness, starting a recruitment firm could be a good business option for you.

30. Start a blog: If you are good in writing and have patience, you can start a website or blog and make money. You can start this as little as USD 100 / Rs 6,000 per annum and with your effort you can make money. This is one of the good small business ideas in India who loves writing.

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Small Business Ideas in India

Start-up success stories-Fly By Knight-Delivery after hours

Successful-Entrepeneurs-Fly-by-knight-Delivery-Service-ofter-hoursStart-up success stories – Fly By Knight – Delivery service after hours

People get creative ideas and new business ideas emerge out of it. Such creative business ideas with small thoughts or experience which one would have faced it. Mumbai based Neha Jain started fly by knight in Jun-2012. Fly by knight offer express delivery service after hours at a location in Mumbai India.

What exactly Fly by Knight does?

Fly by knight offers express delivery services which include food, beverages, lighters, chocolates, party packs etc. at the door step with a flat fee of Rs 100 per  delivery. The thought came into Neha’s mind earlier when she stuck at the office till late night. When she reached home at odd hours, she could not get food during that time. She wanted to explore a business which can serve food or anything during odd hours. Flybyknight.com emerged with these thoughts. You ask for noodles or chocolates or cigarettes, Fly by Knight delivers all of them during odd hours.

How customers place orders at Fly by Knight?

Customers residing in Mumbai would dial 99300 67337 or place an order online at flybyknight.com. They can pay through credit card or by cash on delivery. The services are offered between 11 pm to 4 am during any day.

How much revenue generated out of this business?

Neha says that this business is started in a small way and she is able to get higher income compared to what she was able to get at previous employment as Salary.

How profitability such business is?

Currently flybyknight.com is based out of Mumbai and provides services only to this location. The business is small in size. It charges a flat fee of Rs 100 per transaction. Yet to get good recognition. Once it gets good name and it expands its business to more than one location, the business should grow.  One cannot expect to earn Crores of rupees in a few months of starting such new business.

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Top 5 Best Business Ideas to start in India

Top and Best Business to start in India, Business Ideas, Business ideas to start, Best Business ideasTop 5 Best Business Ideas to start in India

Many of us wonder how to select a top and best business Ideas to start in India. All business ideas are not suitable to every one as they depend on individual to individual. While there are several businesses in India, choosing a best business to start is key to success. In this article, I would provide a list of top 5 best business to Ideas start in India.

Top 5 Best Business Ideas to start in India

1) Starting a School Books Publishing company: Though it looks like starting a company, in reality you would start a small business with low investment. Education in India is every green field. You can start school books publishing company as low as Rs 50,000. You can start by publishing a few books and gradually grow year on year. You can employ key people for marketing your books. Your target is mainly to sell such books to schools. However, your second option would be to sell them to large whole sale book sellers who can promote your products by getting good discounts from you. This is one of the best business ideas which is already established well now.

2) Start a fast food restaurant: You need a few thousand rupees to start a fast food restaurant business. I feel this is the best business to start in India as Indians are food lovers and they get tempted with Chinese noodles and non-vegetarian kind of food. You can employ 2-3 people to help you in this business. The good part is you do not need any major investment to start this business in India.

3) Start a rental services agency: Population is growing year on year in countries like India. Owning a house in town or  city is difficult. Majority depends on staying in a rented house. Families move from one city to another city in search of employment or one part of the city to another part of the city due to various reasons. Rental agency plays a key role in identifying a house suitable within the budget for such individuals. They charge some fees for  providing such services. Rental services agency is becoming popular in metro cities in India. Starting a rental services agency and providing quality services can be good profitable business.

4) Interior designing business: These days many of us think to decorate hour with various items and have interior desining done with experts. One of the ways to have a good and beautiful house is to take help from an interior designer. Starting an interior design business in India is best business these days. The business includes from assessing the requirement of the customer and providing interior designing services at their home of office. Young entrepreneurs are aspiring this as one of the best business ideas in India.

5) Office supplies : There are several start-up companies' starting day by day. They want to concentrate on their core business instead of worrying about day to day requirements of office supplies. Here office supply agency plays a key role. They supply all computers, printer, stationery etc. on a regular basis. If you can open supply of such office items, this could be a successful business for you. Having a good network of people can easily help you to promote your business.

The above top and best business to start in India are only some tips. Choose the business idea which is suitable to you.

Readers, I would like to have your feedback and suggestions about this article. You can leave a comment in below comments section.

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Top 5 Best Business Ideas to start in India

Business Plan Format in 8 simple steps

Business plan format in 8 simple stepsBusiness Plan Format in 8 simple steps

If you are starting a business or in the verge of expansion of business, you may need to prepare a business plan format to present to co-partners or banks to avail loan. In this article, I would detail about how you can quickly prepare a business plan for your business. These simple steps would help you to prepare a good business plan format within a few hours.

Business plan format in 8 simple steps

Step # 1: Prepare executive summary: 

You need to prepare an executive summary about your company which details about what your company does at a very high level, its vision/mission and other success parameters. Here is the quick summary of what you need to cover as part of this step. 

  • Objectives of the company
  • Vision and Mission of the company
  • Success parameters where you might be dependent on loans, secured finance, top talent people, quality of products and services and timelines in which you need to deliver your products or services.

Step # 2: About your Company:

You need to cover about your company, ownership etc. Here are the main points which you need to cover.

  • Owners of the company
  • Assets of the company
  • Liabilities of the company
  • Funding for working capital requirements
  • Where are your offices and divisions located?

Step # 3: Products and Services: You should indicate the following parameters as part of this segment.

  • Description of services and products
  • Competitive analysis report
  • Marketing strategy for products and services
  • Advertising or promotion of products, services or websites including advertising on social media sites
  • Technology movements and how it affects your products or services
  • Future plans for products and services

Step # 4: How is the market: 

You need to cover more from your products and services markets and how your competitors are. This is important part of your entire business plan format. Here is the list of items which you should cover.

  • Market segmentation
  • Products / Services Analysis
  • How to distribute products / services
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the products / services sales trends?
  • Who helps to market your products or services? List of franchisee or affiliates.

Step # 5: Business Strategy: 

This section would be more towards the strategies on how you should develop, price and promote your products or services.

  • Marketing and promotional strategies
  • Distribution channel strategies
  • Pricing formulas and strategies
  • Promotion strategies
  • Sales strategies

Step # 6: About your organization: 

You should cover about company structure, key people etc. Here is the quick list.

  • Structure of the organization.
  • Management team in place
  • Key talented people in your company

Step # 7: Financial plan: 

You should cover how your business would look like in terms of finances. Here is a quick list of the areas covered.

  • Important factors to consider
  • Financial indicators
  • Ways to finance your business
  • Break-even point analysis
  • Projected revenues
  • Projected costs for the year
  • Projected Profit and Loss account
  • Projected cash flows (Cash in and cash out)
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected financial ratios

Step # 8: Index of the summary steps indicated above:

This is the last step in preparing format for your business plan. Here is how it looks like.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. About the company
  3. Products and Services of the company
  4. How large is the market segment you target
  5. What is the business Strategy?
  6. Organization / Management structure and key people
  7. Financial Plan indicates projected P&L and Balance Sheet

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Business Plan Format

Top Entrepreneur Ideas in India

top Entrepreneurship Ideas in IndiaTop Entrepreneur Ideas in India

If you want to be successful in your business in India, you need to have powerful entrepreneur ideas.  These ideas would help to take your company or organization to the top level. In this article, I would detail about the why one needs to have good entrepreneurship idea and what are the top ideas to become successful entrepreneur in India.

Do entrepreneur ideas essential?

These are basic needs in the success of the business. You may take new tasks, you may need to explore new opportunities or new challenges may arise. Unless you have entrepreneur skills, it would be difficult for you to manage and take your organization to top level.

Top Entrepreneur Ideas in India

1) Qualification is not required: Many of us believe that entrepreneurs are born in ISB or Harward universities. These perceptions are wrong. If you have an interest and need, you can become a successful entrepreneur. Don’t ever think that qualification is hurdle for you to become an entrepreneur. Anand of A.K. Enterprises do not have any major educational qualification and started his business with Rs 26,000 to do Office automation products and made Rs 50 Lakh turnover last year

2) Entrepreneurs have innovative and creative ideas: The most essential ingredient which I feel is that an entrepreneur should have innovative and creative ideas on running your company. You should keep asking yourself on how a particular activity can be done differently where you would generate excellent results. 

3) Entrepreneur wants to be his/her own boss: If you think that you want to be your own boss, you are having the skill to become an entrepreneur. Such skills drive an individual to take up any business.

4) Provide employment: One more entrepreneur ideas are to provide employment to people. While this could be one of the factors, this may not be essential. Many people generally ignore this.

5) Entrepreneurs choose the business what they want to run: Several entrepreneurs choose the business what they want to do before taking up. While some choose IT, Finance, Insurance, Social Services, Transport and Food sectors which are more profitable, however there are several entrepreneur ship who prefer for agriculture, crop production, fishermen and forestry which are less profitable, but which are indispensable and they never ever fall. Choosing an occupation in which you are interested would have significant impact on your success.

6) Entrepreneurs recognize talent: Do you recognize talent around you. Do you appreciate your mother's efforts when she makes a good cup of tea? Do you appreciate your brother / sister if they dance well? Identification of key talent is important for you as an entrepreneur. E.g. Narayana Murthy (former CEO of Infosys Ltd, a top IT company in India) recognized the key talent and indicated best people in key positions. This makes the company successful while he still advices as mentor.

7) Entrepreneurs don’t wait to make their first step: While you may have all these skills and you want to become entrepreneur, but if you still not made any first step, you are lacking something. Many entrepreneurs would make their first step atleast by testing business idea and would have reached few miles away as and when they think about becoming an entrepreneur.

The above entrepreneur ship ideas are not a comprehensive list. But I felt these entrepreneur ship ideas can contribute some insights on what an entrepreneur has to do and how he or she can be successful.

Readers, I would like to receive your feedback and suggestions about the Business Ideas. You can leave a comment in below comments section.

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Top Entrepreneur Ideas in India